2017 in a nutshell


2017 in a nutshell

My whole life changed this year ,I took the most important decisions and decided what I want for my life  and the most importantly  I took the decision to create this blog  !  (told you I took so many DECISIONS) haha

2017 Thanks for the things you teached me , the people you took away from me and the people that you brought to me , I learnt so many lessons from you ..... I'm never going to forget you 2017 !

So I close my eyes to old ends and open my heart to new beginnings !

JANUARY My first photoshoot ever !
 JANUARY Turn my bestfriend's life into hell :P ( photoshoot at my bf house )
FEBRUARY my first pro photo (haha)
Spent my February next to the beach with my baby
APRIL Took the big decision to move to London ... So I soaked up the last sunset in my beautiful island <3
MAY Summer in Greece !
And YES that's me May 2017 moved with my love to London
Feeling the London vibes :P
more and more photosss...
JULY We went to Brighton and we had the best time of our lifes  !!
AUGUST My present for our anniversary Go Ape Adventures !
 AUGUST Spent my name day in the city center with a beautiful dinner <3
SEPTEMBER  MY FAVOURITE MEMORY OF 2017 !! I went to London Fashion Week !
 SEPTEMBER The best birthday surprise from my love <3
OCTOBER Back in Greece to see my friends and family <3 Love them so much !!! ps(Also cut my hair back in Greece )
OCTOBER  Halloween in London ! Creapy :/
NOVEMBER  My best friend became a mother <3 A beautiful princess came to the world ! <3
DECEMBER Winter Wonderland with my love
 DECEMBER London you are so beautiful at Christmas but also SOOO busy !
My last photoshoot for 2017 !

It's a wrap !

Thanks guys for all the support for this year !


Just believe that good things are on their way !

Happy New Year ! <3



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