A city full of colours


A city full of colours

If you following me to my social media you already know about my trip, Well if you don't .... just FOLLOW ME (hahaha I'm just kidding )

So , today we are going to talk about BRIGHTON! or as I call it ( a city full of colours ) the first thing i noticed the minute I got out of the train was colourful buildings and buses, so I got in one of thoses buses and went to the house that I had booked. Left my stuff there, put my bathing suit on and went to the most well-known beach of this town.

The beach's view was incredible and I hope you'll get a taste of that by watching the following photos

Even though it was Monday, it was the best night I've had. As two mainstream tourists, we took our beers, sat at the beach, and watched the moon.

The next day

We woke up and started our day with a walk in our lovely neibourhoud.

As we were walking to the town centre we saw many sights seens and chose to capture them so you can see them too

We searched for a shop to eat breakfast and for a perfect place for insta photos and I think we found the best one

After that, we decided to visit Brighton Pier, witch is one of the most worth-visited destinations

I highly recommend this destination as it seems like a park with a lot of shops and lucky games and many others next to the Brighton's beach

Last but not least, we couldn't resist but follow the tradition and eat fish and chips in one of those shops in the beach

Thank you for watching ❤


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